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MySomm Wine Merchant

Welcome to MySomm Wine Merchant, the best and most convenient way for you to get the wines that you love! "A good Somm isn't there to tell you what they like, but to listen to you and figure out what they have that you will like."

Cajun Car Wash

Inspired by the life-celebrating spirit of Louisiana's Cajun culture, we created a one-of-a-kind car wash that's as vibrant as can be. It's true, locals have come to know us for our fun theme, but they've come to admire us for making them shine!

RP Power Coating & Fabrication

RP Powder Coating & Fabrication is your one-stop, on-the-spot auto service headquarters for a complete line of quality tires and auto services.

Mattress Doctor Lafayette

Mattress Doctor is proudly owned and operated by two brothers, Stew and Mike Segura, from the Lafayette area. Our business is built upon providing the highest value for your buck. We sincerely care about our customers and how they sleep at night.

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February 9, 2021
5 Reasons Why You May Not Be Losing Weight
5 Reasons Why You May Not Be Losing Weight
in Fitness

Before January 1 st rolled around, you probably set a goal of how many pounds you wanted to lose or that you wanted to fit into that pair of pants just hanging out in your closet (you know the ones I’m talking about).

December 18, 2020
Making the Santagria with MySomm
Making the Santagria with MySomm

Did you know this Sunday, December 18, is National Sangria Day? The wine experts at MySomm have created an exclusive sangria cocktail that your family and guests are sure to love -- The Santagria.

Ashley Hinson
By Ashley Hinson
December 14, 2020
Diabetes Awareness
Diabetes Awareness

Dr. Marc Bordelon shares the signs of diabetes in pets so that you can recognize the symptoms and get your furry friend the help they need!

Dr. Marc Bordelon
By Dr. Marc Bordelon

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